Sunday, May 31, 2009

an addendum

to my birthday list from earlier. (this is mostly for my benefit, i'm really not materialistic or narcissistic enough to expect anyone to get them for me, haha)

-tank girl
-seasons 1 and 2 of no reservations with anthony bourdain
-books on physical/biological anthropology and cultural inventories of england and mainland europe.
-dinner at the oceanaire or rioja or maybe just a casual sushi night at go fish

I am very likely to cut off all my hair and to attempt to move to London for at least six months. Plans plans plans.

I am very, very, very restless.


Just can't stop

I've been listening to Phoenix nonstop since Friday. They are here June 25th at the Bluebird and I hope I can convince someone to go with me. Get super dressed up and dance the night away.

I am anxious to get paid, as I have some heavy duty fucking bills to pay. FML. Can't wait for next semester when the government hands me some dollars for school. Then it's goodbye 80014 and hello 80203.

Friday, May 29, 2009

six am sun

We were all careless once.

Summer life, round two. Summer vacation por vida.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


- bumble and bumble curl creme and surf spray
- gap straight leg jeans in size 4 short in a dark wash
- gray vans authentics
- Mariokart for N64
- Big kid sized chrome bag - black or gray with electric blue band
- vintage luggage
- point and shoot digital camera
- wall-e on DVD
- lotr on DVD
- the fifth element (DVD)
- calculator watch
- record player with built in speakers
- new earbuds for my ipod
- nice headphones for a record player (quarter inch, i think?)
- lessons on how to make fabric photosensitive (ie, chemistry behind it!)
- gift card to the toy store, englewood camera, for printing and developing
- dark room rental
- white/white vans slip ons
- a chung king (lolz, but kinda serious)
- $10 for 10 bands tickets
- a trip to new york
- a trip to seattle
- monies to visit my twin
- christian dior j'adore perfume

Haha. I love birthdays. Also, in lieu of any material shit, I'm always down for burgers and beers at the cherry cricket with my very favorite people and a night out. OR. Skate City.

lord of the flies

tiny friend adventure

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


as in theme with the title of this blog.

lock yourself up.
destroy the key.
no one is to be trusted.

wonderful news for a friend marred by my own shit news.
i am physically incapable of feeling anything anymore.

one great hope, leaving for seattle in two weeks.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

i'm in a weird mood

I am feeling very nostalgic and I am seriously considering chopping off my hair to something similar to what I had in 2006/2007. I wish my hair were four inches longer or totally non existent.

I've been busy. I REALLY need to watch my spending habits, as I've been having to dip into my savings for the last couple nights out because of how short my hours were in march and april. I had a ton this last week and a ton this current week, so hopefully I'll finally not be pooooorrrr.

"you intimidate me a little"

Being crushed from your closing walls.
I never thought it would have come to this.
I'd try to tell you but my lungs are being crushed.
My voice is the last thing that I thought I'd ever miss.
I hope this makes you see just how you destroy me.
Now I guess I'm just a liar.
Would I be lying if I said I don't know?
Now I guess that his is over and I'm sorry that you have nothing to show.
I hope this makes you see just how you destroy me and I can't do what you
Please when I haven't been standing on my own two feet.
I'll come running back to you just like you knew I'd do.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things you should know about me

My name is Jordan.
I like Fat Tire beer, and most amber or copper ales.
I especially like New Belgium's summer beer Skinny Dip.
I believe pink lemonade is better than regular lemonade.
I will absolutely judge you by the music you listen to and the clothes you wear. It may be petty, but I haven't been wrong yet.
I think 95% of facial, surface and even traditional piercings are trashy.
I hate acrylic nails on girls and most athletic sneakers on boys.
I don't have cable and I'm totally fine with it. All I watch anyway: PBS (nova, nature, antiques roadshow, rick steves' europe), King of The Hill on DVD and the various Law and Orders (minus CI).
I am going to be a college professor with half sleeve tattoos and wear a cro mags crew neck on casual fridays.
I love little kids' movies and anything Studio Ghibli has touched.
I am retardedly loyal to my friends, and it usually gets me walked all over.
I play Zelda on N64, and get really aggravated when I get stuck in the fire temple and water temple in the ocarina of time.
I don't like wearing socks.
I dress like a 15 year old thrash punk kid most of the time, but if I cared to or had the money to I could dress like a noo yawka during Fashion Week.
I love Jeopardy. LOVE. Bar Trivia this summer please and thank you?
There are three books that changed my life. I won't tell you their titles because it's private.
I'm going to get my first of MANY tattoos this summer.
I don't regret taking time off of school to move back to Denver, but I am stressing out about how I could have had my phd by the time I finish my bachelors.
I want to transfer to NYU. I can't afford it.
I'm told I should write for a living (ha), be a photojournalist for a living (ha) and all I want to do is sit in old libraries reading old books about people long dead.
I love cheeseball more than any other food on the planet, except maybe a cricket burger.
The people I get along with best are usually rude, hysterical, honest, loyal and my size.
I am not self conscious about much of how I look but I do wish I could change very minimal things about my body without much work.
I probably can't have children of my own. Sucks for me. (really, I'd like to have been able to have the option down the road, but now if I decide I want them I really have to TRY). Dumb.
The two best investments I've made in life so far have been my camera and any money I put towards any trip.
I don't believe in "the one" but that's not to say that I don't believe that people can get married to the right person the first time and be happy for the length of their lives. (my parents are at year 34 and are still 100% perfect for one another).
I'm almost 24. Quarter life crisis in full effect.


tiny friend adventure

What do you know about tiny friend adventures.

Tonight I'm staying in because my head is pounding and my ears are ringing.

This weekend I want to do something that is cheap and fun.

I hate sleeping alone. Stitch isn't the best bed pal ever. He doesn't hold hands back and right now I think that's all I really want. Forget getting laid, I just want to HOLD HANDS. Like an idiot.

Passive aggressive nitwit nerds talking shit on my tiny friend. Oh, douche, your hair sucks. I hope you get AIDS.

Can't wait to watch the Goode Family on ABC. Mike Judge can do no wrong.

Listen to Blacklisted and headbang until you're dizzy.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am so bored. Kill me.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


So we kicked off the summer session of life correctly.

After work Thursday I attended a jobfair for a financial company and I'm not sure I'm into it. Second interview on Monday at 1, which I'm not going to bomb, but I'm just going to figure out what exactly my responsibilities would be should they offer me and I accept this position.

Wifey (Andrea) came over and we went to Rock Bar where we met Nigel and did some karaoke. We were the wildin' ass out white girls who did Sir Mix A Lot, Baby Got Back as our song. Creeped on by creepers, but no surprise there.

Worked again on Friday, but picked up Tiny Friend (Rachel) and had sushi and met up with two pals from high school, John and Joey. It was a wonderful night of sushi, booze, hipster bands, catching up and hanging out. I'm glad Kyle made it for a minute too.

Today I recovered from a slight hangover, helped my brother and his girlfriend pick cameras for their Europe trip, and am going to go to Leela's for coffee and cake later.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

last chance to dance

I have been listening to nothing but the suicide file lately.

I am legitimately distressed about many, many things.